Deadly Choices

Mamu Health Service Ltd. Deadly Choices     

Mamu Health Service Ltd. is proud to partner with the Brisbane-based Institute for Urban Indigenous Health to become a Deadly Choices site.

The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health developed the Deadly Choices brand and merchandise in 2009 as a tool to promote healthy lifestyle choices and to prevent and reduce the impact of Chronic Disease amongst the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander population. 

The Institute partners with clubs like Brisbane Broncos Rugby League club and other prominent sporting organisations and have a number of high profile Deadly Choices Ambassadors who proudly live and share the “A Deadly Choice is a Healthy Choice” message.

Regular Mamu Health Service Limited clients are eligible to receive a Deadly Choices Jersey when they receive an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Assessment (715 Health Check) from Mamu Health Service. 

Regular clients with chronic disease who complete a full Chronic Disease care plan will also receive Deadly Choices shorts, backpack or cap.  Merchandise is available for children and adults and ranges from size 000 to 7XL.



What is a Health Check?  The Health Check is a comprehensive preventive health screen for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have much higher rates of chronic diseases and their risk factors, and much higher rates of preventable hospital admissions due to these chronic diseases than non-Indigenous Australians.  The end result is a gap in life expectancy, which is 10.6 and 9.5 years respectively less for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males and females than non-Indigenous males and females.  

Why do I need a Health Check?  Many health problems don’t cause pain or make you feel sick until they have been affecting your body for a long time.  When we do a full health assessment, we are looking for early signs of health problems – if we pick them up early, there is usually lots we can do together to stop them from becoming big health problems down the track.  If we can find and manage diseases early, or prevent them in the first place, there is a much better chance of staying active, feeling good and living longer with our families.

When should I have a Health Check?  All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are eligible for a health check “every 9 months.”  In practice, we usually go with simplicity and encourage people to have a health check every year.

Who will be doing the Health Check?  An Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Health Worker, Doctor and occasionally a Nurse will usually be involved in different parts of the health check, working together as a team.

What actually happens in a Health Check?  Our health staff will ask you some questions about your health and the things that affect your health.  They do some checks in the clinic e.g. checking your blood pressure, weight, height, eyes, ears, heart, lungs and so on.  They will usually offer to do some tests including blood tests to check for e.g. diabetes, kidney disease, check the level of different fats in the blood, and so on.

How long does it take?  A full health assessment does take time, usually around 45 minutes to an hour in total, sometimes a little longer.

What happens after the Health Check?  The Doctor will give you feedback and work out with you what your health goals might be, as well as arranging follow up appointments if they are needed.  The Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Health Worker is available to spend time, either in this visit or they can arrange another visit, to go through the health check results with you in detail and to work on some strategies to tackle any issues that have come up.

Last but not least, you get a Deadly Choices jersey for making the Deadly Choice to get a full health check done!